Let’s get this hair topic out of the way now!

I am sick of talking about my hair, yet it seems that just like the British weather, my hair is the next go to topic of conversation after the kids. Enough already.

Here is the usual conversation I have at least once a month with one of my white girlfriends about my hair…

“No I don’t wash my hair everyday as it will dry out my scalp, also I have to put lots of oil in too after a wash, which takes ages.”

“Oh you don’t oil yours?”

“Oil would make my hair greasy and lank, so no, just a wash and blow dry.”

“Your hair looks great.”

“How’s DS getting on in his new class?”

Here is a conversation I have with my black girlfriends about my hair..

“Hey, I love your hair, where do you get it done? (Eye it up and possibly touch it!)”

“I go to this lady, she’s got the Gospel channel on throughout though, but the results are worth it and she’s reasonably priced! What you plan to do with your hair?”

“Not sure…might just cut it all off again!”

“You should check out my gospel lady first and get some plaits in.”

“No blooming way. I would rather twist it every night, than sit through the Gospel channel. I’ve already had enough religious brain-washing as a child to last me a lifetime.”

“Which church did you go to?”

“Don’t get me started…I’m an atheist now!”

(Doubles over with laughter)